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Adiabatic cutting
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Adiabatic Cutting (HSIC - High-Speed-Impact-Cutting)

Adiabatic Cutting – also known as HSIC – refers to a high-speed non-cutting method. After an intensive development of many years, we have been using this method in serial production for some clients in the automotive sector since the beginning of 2001. This method can be used economically in particular with high piece numbers and high-quality material (exact profile section material). See advantages below.
We can also carry out subsequent work such as surface grinding, tipless circular grinding, vibratory grinding and blasting.

Subsequent upgrading such as grinding, thermal treatment and surface coating can be offered in addition by reliable external partners we have cooperated with for years.


  • At present, processing of cross-sections from 3 to 180 mm² (corresponds with approx. Ø2 to Ø15 mm) as profile section or round bars
  • basic material: bars or rings
  • Materials: All kinds of steels up to a hardness of approx. 40 HRC. High-alloy steels or high-tensile steels preferred.
  • Cycle times (depending on the requirement, part length and material) from 40 to 800 parts per minute!
  • Economic annual volumes from approx. 500.000 up to 100 Million pcs.
  • Cutting lengths from 5 to 600 mm


  • High output due to short cycle times – 250 to 800 parts per minute
  • Minimum material loss due to non-cutting method
  • Cut with low wire edges – subsequent part processing without previous burring/vibratory grinding
  • Minimum draft and very good cross-section evenness due to the high-speed process
  • Normally no change of mechanical strength of the cutting area
  • Cutting without coolant and shavings

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